Sunday, August 17, 2008  
HAHHAA i dont even know how to change the goddam background! shit!

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Hi guys. I is back.

My silly friend ben tagged me in his blog knowing I don't have an active blog.

Thought I would just revive this very old, old one.

Sometimes I wish things would go back to what they were once.

Nevermind now.

I hope

and bright.

For me



Hello everybody!!!
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   Thursday, July 21, 2005  
i'm seriously considering moving my blog to neverneverland.

what u dunno cannot hurt u.

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   Monday, July 18, 2005  
Yeast-people of the world unite!

I can't remember wht I wanna write.


another day perhaps.
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Fluffie has gone down under. Hopefully he realises his dream there (read : win a million bucks at a casino). Spyder and him has been discussing gambling tips (etc .. crabs...etc) rather frequently lately. But then again, gambling makes up 80% of their conversation most of the time. HOW TO PLAY, WHAT TO PLAY, WHAT's THE EASIEST.. blah blah..I am not facsinated by gambling. Lady Luck and Chance are seldom at my side. besides, wht are the odds i will strike it rich by playing with numbers? I barely pass my math in secondary school.

I have successfully become a member of videoEZ at Serangoon Gardens. So far, i have rented 9 titles! WEEE! i love watching movies, esp those i missed.

1. Lord of the Rings (the return of the king)
2. Pirates of the Caribbean
3. My dog SKIP
4. Ocean's eleven
5. Wimbledon
6. Alien Vs Predator
7. Panic Room
8. Maid in Manhattan
9. Finding Neverland

I can watch all of them in 1 day.

Pity you can't find Transpotting or Velvet Goldmine in stores here. Its all censorship shit. argh. I lost my Trainspotting VCD. I hope my dogs havent eaten it. Bella shredded a piece of 'WELCOME' rubber mat. BITCH!
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   Tuesday, July 12, 2005  
There are so many shows to watch on tv these days. And me being me, i cant wait every week for each episode.

My favs:

1. C.S.I Las Vegas ***** BESTEST!!
2. Nip/Tuck ***** BESTEST!
3. LOST **** 1/2 BEST but draggy after a while i hear.
4. Las Vegas *** entertaining. about wot's up and about casino style.

(in order of preference)

I just got my hands on Season 2 Nip/Tuck UNCUT! yipee!!!!! much controversial stuffs. *** SPOILERS ALERT!***

Matt Sleeping with his life coach which turns out to be a man (who also sleeps with his son who doesnt know his 'mom's real identity. But tht Ava is a knock-out! Christian is carved up. Julia and Sean going separate ways. Matt and Sean finding out who Matt's real father is. ...... wowwwwowww.. i'm left with the last disc. argh.

i like so much!

I cant wait to lay my hands on LOST and CSI!
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   Thursday, July 07, 2005  

I is backkk.

My stinky comp had filled with malicious stuffs tht took away all my files and folders.

Anyways. Does anyone come here anymore? I think everyone would have been sick and tired coming in here to check for updates. 'Wa lao, how come everyday same words, never update one?'

Am very superly busy with work stuffs and dog stuffs. Everyday i come back from work, i just watch the 10pm show on ch 5 and what comes on after tht. Then i switch to channel U at around 12.30 and watch tht and I fall asleep with my dogs squeezing on the bed beside me.

Libby N Lizzy are sold to a nice young couple with 3 other dogs. They come down once every 2 days, so its like the girls were never gone at all.

I went to watch movies last monday.

War Of the Worlds **** STARS! (i dunno why but it scared me a bit la.. maybe those sound effects. I am scared of loud noises.

Initial D *** STARS! (all the time just VRROOM VRROM BRROOOMMMMMM... i am not a huge fan of cars so. I watch only for the actors which isnt much to laud about anyway)
The people watching the show with me are bloody kids who keep making noise and getting their seats mixed up. I think the future generation cant read, have no sense of direction ... wht they care about is how good jay and edison look. *insert screams*.

I would like to own a theatre with 100 seats and I'll be the only 1 siting inside.

DOG SHOW is coming soon again. I entered a few dogs. Expect a good showing at baby puppy. I can't wait. All those puppy schnauzers! Just so competitive! I like! I bet its gonna boil down to who stacks and moves well tht day unless of cos the judge kelong or likes long coated breeds which sucks becos most of them have sucky structure beneath their flowing coat. (except of cos my beloved Pangpang).

The baby puppy tht moves the best WILLINGLY and can free stacks! thts wht i'm gonna look out for. A nice balanced puppy who can move well.

I am handling pangpang again but only for one show. There's a mystery handler for him at the other show. ehhehe. Must prepare myself (like pluck eyebrows, buy new shoes.. etc etc etc etc...)

Just like 'LOST' which is full of mysteries and all those 'SUSPENSE'I am merely saying I'm handling a baby puppy, a adult dog and a vetern. hahaha Not saying whose dog and wht breed. (maybe i bought a new jrt?.. maybe i bought a 10k maltese or a new westie?... wht did PAULINE GETTTTTTT?)

Its all so exciting.

ok got to get ready to get the girls to work today becos its FRIIDAYYY!!!

Anyone reading this who have dogs.. there's a new range of toys at the shop. Its so nice and affordable!! must come down to have a look.

The shop is at : 79A Serangoon Garden Way. (2nd level, near UOB bank). 62813329
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   Tuesday, May 24, 2005  
so much things have happened tht i dont feel like writing them down. so there.

Cheerios. My puppies are cute and healthy.
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   Sunday, May 01, 2005  

Got a sms from Torphaine saying tht there are NO more lovebirds at the Bedok shop. My heart sank like Titanic. I know Fluffie is so looking foward to this, and so am i. 'crrrraaaakkkkkk'

o nevermind.. we shall go snorth and take a look and spyder said one of the shops in geylang breeds lovebirds amongst other things. Maybe we could go take a look and then visit the puppies.

Wish me luck.
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I went poptart-ing last night. YEAHHHhhhhhHhhhhh~~ cant wait for mag to come back so we can all party together.

Anyways, the place was filled with toxic fumes, so much tht my eyes started tearing uncontrollably. The turnout wasnt a lot. I guess everyone was expecting more since there was a writeup on poptart in the papers recently. I figured its becos, they mentioned music like 'manic street preachers..'... i mean how many people actually like manics to begin with, and besides the crazy ones already know about poptart. o well~ we're all pretty glad there were no 'random' people. hahahaha...

like wht robin said in his blog about poptart "Where we were labelled as "freaks" cos we weren't into the conventional tunes on the radio.

but we didn't care. no . We didn't care one bit."

Yeah we still dont give 2 shits.

hang the dj hang the dj hang the djjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
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